If you’re not up to speed on all things James, lucky for you, here’s some highlights...

For those who have never met or had contact with me, one of my main personality traits is the refusal to take life seriously. As you read I think you’ll get it, but a lot of what I do, say or write is done with tongue firmly in cheek.

I have numerous aliases, most notably The Great One, The Pretty Boy, Jimmy the Quiff… but James Gaden is the name I was born with so I’ll stick with that for the moment. You’ll find out who I am in the print world on the Halographic website, but this is my space, so we’ll talk about James the person.

Apart from being a graphic artist, I also write for Fireworks Magazine so you can add music journalist to my list. I’ve been contributing interviews and reviews there for over ten years. Music is a massive passion of mine so my Fireworks role is a godsend to me. There is more about both of these roles in the menu above, where you can marvel at my artwork and enjoy my conversations with the great and the good (and the relatively unknown, I don’t discriminate).

I’ve managed to befriend some of my heroes, met some phenomenal people and have yet to be sued for defamation or libel by anybody I’ve interviewed, so I must be doing something right.

I’m always keen to try my hand at writing my own material too, I think it’s a bit ridiculous to critique professional musicians if I don’t do it myself. Better to have a go and maybe suck than to never try! You can find out about my musical projects and the varying degrees of quality they possess, in the Music section.

So now you know a bit about me, feel free to browse through the menu at the top and stare in awe at my achievements / wonder how seriously I really take myself / drool at my chiselled visage* 

*delete as applicable.